Anglo-Irish multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and music producer Pale Cousin blends outsider music with organic rock, jazz & post-punk flavours, often with humorous elements thrown in for good measure. The music is created and recorded in true DIY fashion in his home studio "Skyport" in the West of Ireland with musical influences as eclectic as Captain Beefheart & his Magic Band, Fela Kuti, Hawkwind, The Fall, John Coltrane & Vivian Stanshall. He released his first single "Between The Cracks" in 2022. In 2023 he not only continued to blur genres with subsequent releases but also began to incorporate live festival performances, playing multiple instruments, utilising multiple loopers in the process for a one-man full-band experience. "This new direction has been the catalyst for a whole new bunch of songs that I intend to record & release in 2024". Also, being the product of English and Irish parents and having spent equal amounts of time in both England and Ireland he is genetically and culturally engineered to make world class cups of tea. ;)