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Liberty Captain

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Release date: August 12, 2022


It was a nondescript day, I spent the morning with friends
In a mushroom field, yeah, being led astray
To take me through a doorway I picked a large bouquet
It was my remedy but I'd opened myself to jeopardy

And so I soon felt dismayed
I realized I'd mixed them up with some toadstools and some deadly nightshade
It made me feel afraid, I called the fire brigade
And when they rescued me I was naked and raving up in a tree

And so it haunted me, you know I thought about it constantly
Yeah, when in therapy I took the dog with me, just for the company
We knew each other's needs
Well, it must have been her pedigree

And as we walked in the rain I caught a glimpse of a kid watching
With his face pushed right up against the window pane
And like some kind of birdbrain I tripped headfirst into a storm drain
He laughed at the hilarity and I thought to myself "Ain't that just like me"

He's come along, he's taken all his clothes off
He's smeared himself in marmalade and he's climbed up a tree
He's, he's, he's, he's lost it
Come down son, come down, before you hurt yourself
This ain't gonna end well
I can hear the fire brigade, they're coming, here they come
It's alright lads, it's alright now

These memories of the intensity have taught me how to guarantee
When the summer's over let's go over to those fields again